As an organization, DEVLINK is committed to the promotion of human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community with special emphasis on dignified livelihoods as the only guarantee to individual freedom. 

Since its inception, DEVLINK has invested heavily  in several frontline human rights initiatives geared towards health, education, gender and  governance through skill transfer and information sharing.


DEVLINK envisages a healthy, innovative, empowered and a just society for all


Facilitate and strengthen sustainable community initiatives for holistic human development by forging partnerships at all levels

DEVLINK works closely with the media and this has exposed social injustices in the community, as well as informing about efforts to challenge these evils and positive efforts being made to address the same. It also has a critical role to play in interpreting the role of culture vis-à-vis positive development in the community. Our efforts to rescue young girls from early marriage back to school and the fight against gender based violence has always been recognized countrywide.

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The organization is also engaged in livelihood programs, mainstreaming Gender in HIV and AIDS intervention, culture and human rights; leadership development by empowering and strengthening women to take leadership positions at local level and to occupy decision making structures to push forward their concerns in the community i.e. a participatory democracy from a gender perspective. Still on promotion of gender equality, the organization is involved in mentoring the girl-child and engendering the young voices including care and protection of OVC rights vis-à-vis community collective responsibility.

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