Linda’s Case…Hearing Aid

Rusinga Island is seated right on top of a hill bordering Lake Victoria on the far right. It is a fishing community. Here we find vulnerable household headed by a middle-aged lady who is a widow and a sole provider of the family of 8 children. In the course of our discussion she reveals to me that she has a child with hearing impairment.

Linda is 14year old girl that anyone who wishes to communicate with her has to get really close and shout. This has caused the child difficulties in school as some teachers are not able to understand her condition which makes her slow to act on instructions. Some teachers have insulted her; others have gone on transfer leaving her with new teachers who are yet to understand her condition. 

This has affected her learning immensely. As the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining; this girl is talented in handwork. I watched in awe as she made a beautiful bangle. She knew just how to join the pieces to come forth with an admirable final product. She was able to also make clothes using her hands and draw a picture; which in my opinion with the relevant training, would transform her into a full-blown artist.

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