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Area of Operation

DEVLINK is mandated to work countrywide. However, our major operations concentrates in the western region of Kenya including the major part of the fishing community.

Child protection and promotion of quality education

DEVLINK has justified its position in the community as a social change agent and a human right advocate for  children’s rights while also advocating for increased enrolment  and school completion with active involvement of key stakeholders and the community at large. It has also enhanced strengthening the protective systems especially on justice system to prevent  and address child abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

Through School Based Advocacy on child protection & safety, DEVLINK has also managed to reach children in schools  with the aim of engaging them to actively identify risks and abuses they are likely to encounter  and to provide a window for dialogue   on issues that affect their lives. This has seen some of the young girls confess of being under pressure for sexual favours from some teachers of whom they did not want to name for fear of repercussions. These meetings were therefore an eye opener for the girls by raising their awareness to be actors in their own protection and  stimulating open dialogue on their  rights and responding to likely risks on practices that can endanger their lives.


The organization in collaboration with the Ministry of education and other education stakeholders has embarked on child appropriate HIV/AIDS education programs and life skills to ensure evidence based HIV prevention for the school going children. DEVLINK is also involved in mentoring the girl child and engendering the young voices.

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