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Development Knowledge Link Africa


Devlink envisages a healthy, empowered and just society for all


To promote sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing for underserved women and children through partnership and innovation.

Core Values

Commitment to Community Participation and Empowerment

Development Knowledge Link – Africa

Development Knowledge Link Africa (DEVLINK) is a non governmental organization (not for profit) founded in 2003 with the aim of addressing human right concerns for vulnerable grassroot women and children with special emphasis on health, education and livelihoods.

 The organization targets women and children living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of gender based violence, Orphans and vulnerable children.

DEVLINK has been engaged in several frontline human rights programs geared towards health promotion, access to justice, entrepreneurship and employment creation. As an Organization, Economic empowerment for women is our entry point to the community because without income it will be very difficult to address health and education challenges in the community. Until a community have financial independence it will not be easy to achieve good health and access to quality education. We offer skills training and community saving groups 

DEVLINK runs a community healthcare facility to provide health services and promote the rights of women to access dignified maternal healthcare, we also run an integrated Drop in Centre targeting the fisherfolk whose health seeking behaviour is a challenge. An Integrated Drop In Centre (DICE) is a one stop shop where patients receive both health care education and treatment at the same time. The purpose is to increase access to health of the Most at Risk Population (MARPs) with special emphasis to fisher folk whose health seeking behaviour has been a challenge to the Ministry of health especially on HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual and reproductive health services.

Staff Team building

Closing the year by bringing our staff together for team building at our 2022 end of year party while celebrating our progress, achievements and each other's presence.

Running projects


Devlink supports OVC including children living with HIV and aids, in school fees sponsorship, scholastic material provision, school uniform, Household economic strengthening, food security and adolescent sexual reproductive Health. <br>Monitoring of health


Our Skills training range from dressmaking, weaving, jewellery, beadwork, pottery, food and beverage production and many more. The women are also involved in group saving and internal loaning which allows them access low interest loans to expand their businesses. This therefore enable women to contribute to household income and to address health care and education needs of their families.


DEVLINK supports Orphans and vulnerable children living with HIV/AIDS through; Viral load supression, household economic strengthening to reduce vulnerability, support highly exposed adolescent living with HIV through operation triple zero(OTZ) sessions.<br>DEVLINK also advocate for skilled deliveries to reduce HIV transmission at birth and strengthen food security to address CALHIV nutritional needs.

Reproductive Health Rights Education

Addressing adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights through sporting activities dubbed ending ‘triple threat’ (HIV, teenage pregnancies and sexual violence.)

Men for women's right movement

DEVLINK works with men as community champions for prevention of Gender based violence

Vin’s Success Story

Akinyi(not real name) is a single mother of four from one of the fishing communities. She separated from her first ...

Linda’s Case…Hearing aid

Rusinga Island is seated right on top of a hill bordering Lake Victoria on the far right. It is a fishing community.
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During project implementation DEVLINK was able to impact many lives

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Running Projects

Partnership and Collaboration:
Working efficiently and effectively with others

Law gavel on a wooden desk, law books background

Psychosocial support of children on care

The organization has continued advocating for the removal of barriers that impede or significantly slow down access to legal
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Prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV:)

DEVLINK has embarked on initiative to educate women on their rights and empowerment of relevant stakeholders including the
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Law gavel on a wooden desk, law books background

Enhancing access to legal services

The organization has continued advocating for the removal of barriers that impede or significantly slow down access to legal
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