The pandemic has caused a global economic recession and as a result most households
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Livelihood Programs Provision of water pumps to support groups for food security Our Services Education programs Providing vulnerable school girls with sanitary towels Our Services Health program Our Services Community Health volunteers on a community outreach Covid-19 Updates Coronavirus Disease Dashboard updates and activities Our Services kitchen garden Improving household income and nutrition Kitchen garden Slide New Layer Training on recycled paper production New Layer Our services Slide eCONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Women making handicraft products Slide GBV 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence has began in earnest. Slide Health program End violence against women Slide Slide Health support Our Services Chv data review meeting at kitare health center Our Services
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Development Knowledge Link Africa


Devlink envisages a healthy, innovative, empowered and a just society for all


To foster innovative and sustainable initiatives among the most vulnerable communities in health, education and livelihoods for holistic development through partnerships

Core Values

Commitment to Community Participation and Empowerment

Development Knowledge Link – Africa

Development Knowledge Link – Africa (DEVLINK) was registered in Kenya in April 2003 as a civil  society organization under the NGO Coordination Act, with the registration number OP.218/051/2003/0114/2624 as a national  Non-partisan, Non-Government and Non-profit making organization with the aim of addressing  human rights programs  targeting women and children in the community.

We are committed to the promotion of human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community with special emphasis on dignified livelihoods as the only guarantee to individual freedom. Since its inception, DEVLINK has invested heavily  in several frontline human rights initiatives geared towards health, education, gender and  governance through skill transfer and information sharing.

Income generating Activity

Support is an intervention under the Household Economic Strengthening under the stable domain that targets vulnerable households on some business venture and therefore require little support to improve their livelihood</span>

House Renovation support

Michael Ojwang is 64yrs old live in Nyadenda village with 10 children, being a peasant farmer Michael could afford to build a secure and spacious a house for the family, therefore he only manage to build a small thatched house where he share with through the Devlink support 20 iron sheet house was constructed

Re enrollment of school drought out teenage mothers

One of the domains addressed by DEVLINK through MWENDO OVC project is schooled which ensures that all children of school going age are enrolled in school, Maurine Achieng Ogolla is one of the adolescent teenage mothers that dropped out of school due to pregnancy in the wake of COVID 19 long holiday in which her uncles who sponsored her education now declined to pay her school fee since she got pregnant. We noticed this on our visit to the school in which we traced her together with her teachers and re enrolled her back to school. It was evident that she really needed to go back to school as she challenged us when we visited her family alongside her teachers.

Dedan’s Success Story

Caroline Akoth is a single mother of four from one of the fishing communities. She separated from her first ...

Linda’s Case…Hearing aid

Rusinga Island is seated right on top of a hill bordering Lake Victoria on the far right. It is a fishing community.
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Change of Logo

Note that our logo has changed, this is because we has come up with a logo representing what we do in the community and in the continent at large.

Devlink News letter

During MWENDO OVC project implentation DEVLINK was able to impact many lives

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Register for The 2021 Future Summit and prepare to spend the day with TV presenter, diversity expert, and author June Sarpong OBE as Segal Family Foundation and BMW Foundation gather an ecosystem focusing on positive social change across all of Africa. This virtual event will feature invigorating conversations on topics from sustainable leadership and belonging to tech for good and the orange economy. We’ll celebrate and learn from drivers of change from across the continent—while also participating in virtual site visits and robust networking opportunities. Join us on October 7!
Running Projects

Partnership and Collaboration:
Working efficiently and effectively with others

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Psychosocial support of children on care

The organization has continued advocating for the removal of barriers that impede or significantly slow down access to legal
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Prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV:)

DEVLINK has embarked on initiative to educate women on their rights and empowerment of relevant stakeholders including the
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Law gavel on a wooden desk, law books background

Enhancing access to legal services

The organization has continued advocating for the removal of barriers that impede or significantly slow down access to legal
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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Activites

Covid-19 Community Support Update

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We are very proud of you all !

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