Psychosocial Support of Children on Care

Area of Operation

DEVLINK is mandated to work countrywide. However, our major operations concentrates in the western region of Kenya including the major part of the fishing community.

Psychosocial Support of Children on Care

Children who experience violence are at increased risk of developing psychosocial and mental health problems; however, most children in these settings do not receive the care they need.

DEVLINKs  effective referral and linkage system has seen a closer collaboration with the law enforcement officers and the  District Children department thus  resulting to improved child-friendly legal procedures that rapidly connect abused children to protective services.  This has resulted in an increase  in the number of cases of  various forms of violence against children  reported to relevant authorities to access justice. 

The project  has been an eye opener in Suba District as several cases of violence and abuse of children  can for  the first time reach  sentencing level and to ensure that  the cases  referred to court are accorded the seriousness they deserve.

Case Studies

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